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Faculty Subject Semester File
CivilEng Applied Mechanics 2nd
CivilEng All Subject Model Question First Year First part 1st
CivilEng Engineering physics 2nd
CivilEng C Programming 1st
CivilEng Thermodynamics 1st
CivilEng Chemistry 1st
CivilEng Applied Mechanics Dynamics 3rd
CivilEng Civil Engineering Materials 3rd
CivilEng Engineering Geology I 3rd
CivilEng Engineering Mathematics III 3rd
CivilEng Fluid Mechanics 3rd
CivilEng Strength of Materials 3rd
CivilEng Surveying I 3rd
CivilEng Concrete Technology and Masonary Structure 5th
CivilEng Engineering Hydrology 5th
CivilEng Foundation Engineering 5th
CivilEng Numerical Methods 5th
CivilEng Theory of Structure I 5th
CivilEng Water Supply Engineering 5th
CivilEng Transportation Engineering (Elective I) 7th
CivilEng Structural Dynamics (Elective I) 7th
CivilEng Soil Conservation (Elective I ) 7th
CivilEng Rock Engineering (Elective I ) 7th
CivilEng Bio Engineering (Elective I ) 7th
CivilEng Design of RCC Structure 7th
CivilEng Estimating & Costing 7th
CivilEng Hydropower Engineering 7th
CivilEng Project Engineering 7th
CivilEng Transportation Engineering I 7th


Faculty Subject Semester File
CivilEng Numerical Method 5th
CivilEng English 6th
CivilEng Theory of Structure 4th
CivilEng Engineering Economics 6th
CivilEng Computer Programming 1st
CivilEng Technology Environment and Society 8th
CivilEng Design of RCC Structure 7th
CivilEng Communication English (Summary) IOE 6th
CivilEng Design of Steel and Timber Structure 6th


Faculty Subject Semester File


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