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Faculty Subject Semester File
MechanicalEng Engineering Drawing I Tutorials Sheets 1st
BScAgriculture General Biochemistry 1st
ComputerEng Discrete Structure 4th
ComputerEng Numerical Method 4th
CivilEng Numerical Method 5th
MechanicalEng Numerical Method 5th
ComputerEng Elective II Big Data 7th
ComputerEng Computer Organization and Architecture(COA) 5th
ComputerEng Engineering Professional Practice(EPP) 7th
ComputerEng Computer Graphics 5th
BBA Business Communication 3rd
BBA Business Environment 4th
BBM Business Research 4th
ComputerEng Physics 1st
ElectronicsEng Physics 1st
ElectricalEng Physics 1st
ComputerEng Database Management System 6th
ElectronicsEng English 5th
ElectricalEng English 5th
ComputerEng English 5th
CivilEng English 6th
MechanicalEng English 6th
CivilEng Theory of Structure 4th
ElectronicsEng Engineering Economics 6th
ComputerEng Engineering Economics 6th
ElectricalEng Engineering Economics 6th
CivilEng Engineering Economics 6th
ElectronicsEng Discrete Structure 4th
ElectronicsEng Computer Organization and Architecture 5th
ComputerEng Computer Programming 1st
ElectronicsEng Computer Programming 1st
ElectricalEng Computer Programming 1st
MechanicalEng Computer Programming 1st
CivilEng Computer Programming 1st
ElectronicsEng Numerical Method 4th
ElectronicsEng Computer Graphics 5th
ElectronicsEng Energy Environment and Society 7th
CivilEng Technology Environment and Society 8th
ElectricalEng Technology Environment and Society 7th
ComputerEng Energy Environment and Society 7th
ElectronicsEng Communication System II (Old Question Solution) 7th
CivilEng Design of RCC Structure 7th
CivilEng Communication English (Summary) IOE 6th
MechanicalEng Communication English (Summary) IOE 6th
ComputerEng Communication English (Summary) IOE 5th
ElectronicsEng Communication English (Summary) IOE 5th
ElectricalEng Communication English (Summary) IOE 5th
CivilEng Design of Steel and Timber Structure 6th
BBM Accounting For Decision Making 4th
BBM Accounting For Decision Making Past Question Solution 4th
BBM Financial Management Theory & Problems 4th
BBM Human Resource Management System 4th
BBM Business Research Methods 4th
BBM Nepalese Society & Politics 3rd
BBM Basic Finance 3rd
BBM Computer Based Financial Accounting 3rd
BBM BBM English 2nd
BBA Public Relation 8th
BBA Retail Management 8th
BPharmacy Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance 8th
BPharmacy Ayurveda 8th
BBA Distribution Management 8th
BBA Organizational Behaviour 6th
BBA DBMS Reference 2nd
BBA Banking Law 8th
BDS Oral Surgery 7th
SEE SEE Important Formulae 1st
BBA Marketing 4th
ElectronicsEng Telecommunication 7th
CA(Charted Accountant) Fundamentals of Management CAP l 1st
CA(Charted Accountant) Fundamentals of Economics CAP l 1st
CA(Charted Accountant) Business Communication and Marketing CAP ll Group ll 2nd
CA(Charted Accountant) Commercial Mathematics CAP I 1st
CA(Charted Accountant) Statistics CAP I 1st
CA(Charted Accountant) Mercantile law CAP l 1st
ElectronicsEng Communication System ll 7th
CA(Charted Accountant) Advanced Accounting CAP II Group 1 2nd
CA(Charted Accountant) Audit and Assurance Cap II Group 1 2nd
CA(Charted Accountant) Financial Management CAP II Group 2 2nd
CA(Charted Accountant) Cost and Management Accounting CAP II Group 2 2nd
CA(Charted Accountant) Income Tax and VAT CAP II Group 2 2nd
CA(Charted Accountant) Fundamentals of Accounting CAP I 1st
CA(Charted Accountant) Mercantile Law CAP I 1st
BHM Introduction to Economics 4th
BHM Beverage Study 3rd
BHM Organizational Behaviour 4th
BHM Food Catering Management 4th