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Faculty Subject Semester File
CivilEng Applied Mechanics 2nd
CivilEng All Subject Model Question First Year First part 1st
ComputerEng All Subject Model Question First Year First part 1st
ElectronicsEng All Subject Model Question First Year First part 1st
ElectricalEng All Subject Model Question First Year First part 1st
CivilEng Engineering physics 2nd
ElectricalEng Engineering Drawing I 1st
ElectricalEng Engineering physics 1st
ElectricalEng Basic Electrical Engineering 1st
ElectricalEng Applied Mechanics 1st
ComputerEng Applied Mechanics 1st
ComputerEng Basic Electrical Engineering 1st
ComputerEng Engineering physics 1st
ComputerEng Engineering Drawing I 1st
ElectronicsEng Applied Mechanics 1st
ElectronicsEng Basic Electrical Engineering 1st
ElectronicsEng Engineering Drawing I 1st
ElectronicsEng Engineering physics 1st
CivilEng C Programming 1st
CivilEng Thermodynamics 1st
CivilEng Chemistry 1st
ComputerEng C Programming 1st
ElectronicsEng C Programming 1st
ComputerEng Engineering Mathematics I 1st
ElectronicsEng Engineering Mathematics I 1st
CivilEng Applied Mechanics Dynamics 3rd
CivilEng Civil Engineering Materials 3rd
CivilEng Engineering Geology I 3rd
CivilEng Engineering Mathematics III 3rd
CivilEng Fluid Mechanics 3rd
CivilEng Strength of Materials 3rd
CivilEng Surveying I 3rd
CivilEng Concrete Technology and Masonary Structure 5th
CivilEng Engineering Hydrology 5th
CivilEng Foundation Engineering 5th
CivilEng Numerical Methods 5th
CivilEng Theory of Structure I 5th
CivilEng Water Supply Engineering 5th
CivilEng Transportation Engineering (Elective I) 7th
CivilEng Structural Dynamics (Elective I) 7th
CivilEng Soil Conservation (Elective I ) 7th
CivilEng Rock Engineering (Elective I ) 7th
CivilEng Bio Engineering (Elective I ) 7th
CivilEng Design of RCC Structure 7th
CivilEng Estimating & Costing 7th
CivilEng Hydropower Engineering 7th
CivilEng Project Engineering 7th
CivilEng Transportation Engineering I 7th
ComputerEng Digital Logic 3rd
ComputerEng Electric Circuits Theory 3rd
ComputerEng Electromagnetics 3rd
ComputerEng Electronic Devices and Circuits 3rd
ComputerEng Engineering Mathematics III 3rd
ComputerEng Object Oriented Programming 3rd
ComputerEng Theory of Computation 3rd
ComputerEng Computer Graphics 5th
ComputerEng Communication English 5th
ComputerEng Computer Organization and Architecture(COA) 5th
ComputerEng Data Communication 5th
ComputerEng Instrumentation II 5th
ComputerEng Probability and Statistics 5th
ComputerEng Software Engineering 5th
ComputerEng Computer Network 7th
ComputerEng Digital Signal Analysis and Processing 7th
ComputerEng Distributed System 7th
ComputerEng Energy Environment Society 7th
ComputerEng Organization & Management 7th
ComputerEng Project Management 7th
ComputerEng Bio Medical (Elective I) 7th
ComputerEng Web Technology (Elective I ) 7th
ComputerEng Data Mining (Elective I ) 7th
ElectricalEng Digital Logic 3rd
ElectricalEng Electric Circuits Theory 3rd
ElectricalEng Electromagnetics 3rd
ElectricalEng Electronic Devices and Circuits 3rd
ElectricalEng Engineering Mathematics III 3rd
ElectricalEng Object Oriented Programming 3rd
ElectricalEng Communication English 5th
ElectricalEng Control System I 5th
ElectricalEng Electric Machine Design 5th
ElectricalEng Electric Machine II 5th
ElectricalEng Power System Analysis 5th
ElectricalEng Instrumentation II 5th
ElectricalEng Probability and Statistics 5th
ElectricalEng Organization & Management 7th
ElectricalEng Power Electronics 7th
ElectricalEng Power Plant Equipment 7th
ElectricalEng Project Engineering 7th
ElectricalEng Technology Environment & Society 7th
ElectricalEng Utilization of Electrical Energy 7th
ElectricalEng Electrical Energy System Management 7th
BBM BBM Model question Set 2021 All Subjects 4th
BBM BBM Model question Set 2020 All Subjects 4th
BBA Sales and Marketing Management 8th
BBA Question Collection 6th
BPharmacy Final Year Question Collection 8th
BBA BBA 2022 Model Question 1st
BIM BIM 2022 Model Question 1st
BBM BBM 2022 Model Question 1st
BBA Financial Derivatives 2021 1st
BBA Basic Financial Management Quiz Bomb 5th
CA(Charted Accountant) Income Tax Questions collection CAP ll 2nd