Model Question

Faculty Subject Semester File
ElectronicsEng All Subject Model Question First Year First part 1st
ElectronicsEng Applied Mechanics 1st
ElectronicsEng Basic Electrical Engineering 1st
ElectronicsEng Engineering Drawing I 1st
ElectronicsEng Engineering physics 1st
ElectronicsEng C Programming 1st
ElectronicsEng Engineering Mathematics I 1st


Faculty Subject Semester File
ElectronicsEng Physics 1st
ElectronicsEng English 5th
ElectronicsEng Engineering Economics 6th
ElectronicsEng Discrete Structure 4th
ElectronicsEng Computer Organization and Architecture 5th
ElectronicsEng Computer Programming 1st
ElectronicsEng Numerical Method 4th
ElectronicsEng Computer Graphics 5th
ElectronicsEng Energy Environment and Society 7th
ElectronicsEng Communication System II (Old Question Solution) 7th
ElectronicsEng Communication English (Summary) IOE 5th
ElectronicsEng Telecommunication 7th
ElectronicsEng Communication System ll 7th


Faculty Subject Semester File
ElectronicsEng BEX All subjects 1st Year 1st
ElectronicsEng BEX All subjects 2nd Year 3rd
ElectronicsEng BEX All subjects 3rd Year 5th
ElectronicsEng BEX All subjects 4th Year 7th


Faculty Title Video