What after +2 Science?


So, are you among those groups of students who chose science stream right after SEE just because you got good grades and that your parents forced you to. You could say you were clueless about what your passion is and your vision towards your career was blurry so you chose science as it has a wider scope compared to other faculties.

Now that you’ve taken a safer option, but what next after you complete your +2 education? You have to choose which path to move forward after +2. It’s merely a two years curriculum which will end in no time. So, what have you planned to do after you complete your +2 education? These are the questions that have been bugging a lot of teenagers  these days.

This is a very sensitive subject as our one decision decides the entire fate for our life ahead. So, teenagers have a very hard time going through this phase. There are numerous courses that one could join after +2 education. We would be discussing a few of them so that it could be of a help to students who are confused with their passion. Along with it, students with a fixed mindset can also take this blog as an informative content to help understand the depth to the courses after +2 of their interest.    

How to choose the right course?

Determine your field of interest: 

This might be a difficult phase for many of us to carry out. Most of the teens are confused regarding their passion and area of interest. So firstly list out all the fields of study that interests you along with the courses that help you reach out to your interests. Identify them and try to get as much information as possible about them in every aspect.


With the advancement in technologies you can easily access any information of any kind just with one click from your mouse. Do your research about all the various courses that interest you. There are various sources of information you could look upto from newspapers, books, journals, television, internet etc. and also with your seniors. This helps you identify every aspect of those subjects from their deeper roots where you can analyze if those are actually good for you or not. 

Update yourself with the latest Curriculum: 

Now that you’ve listed out all the faculties and subjects that you could enroll into after +2 check out the curriculum of each of them. Make sure that the area that interests you falls into the subjects of those mentioned fields. 

Research about the Educational Institutes: 

There are only a handful of Universities here in Nepal along with Private colleges that are affiliated with those universities. Research about those institutions and the facilities they provide. Check the infrastructures, teachers and the overall environment of the institution, and based on that analyze yourself if you can fit into that environment for the desired amount of time during your studies.

These are a few of the major areas where the students need to think about. It is to help themselves get a good college with their choice of subject from their area of interest.

What are the fields you could get into after pursuing +2 Science?


This is one of the most popular fields among the Students after their higher education. Especially the students in Biology faculty choose this stream. Students from diverse backgrounds select this course with a dream of being a Doctor, Nurse or any Medical Personnel so that they can aid their people and country. The subjects that fall into this stream includes:

MBBS (Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery)

BDS (Bachelors in Dental Surgery) 
B Pharma
BNS (Bachelor’s in Nursing)
B.Sc. Nursing
BPH (Bachelor’s in Public Health)
BPT (Bachelors in Physiotherapy)
BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)
B.Sc. LM (Laboratory Medicine)
BVsc. & AH (Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry)
B.Sc, Forestry, etc.

With a good amount of hardwork and effort, students can even crack into scholarship quotas into various medical Institutions. 


Following the Medical career this is also one of the most selected careers by Science Students. Students in the physical stream are most likely to get into the field of engineering however in Nepal even students with Biology studying Extra Mathematics can get into Engineering Stream. The Major courses that fall under Engineering are:

BEE (Electronics and Electrical Engineering)
BCT (Computer Engineering)
BME (Mechanical Engineering)
BGE (Geomatics Engineering)
BCE (Civil Engineering)
BChE (Chemical Engineering)
B.Arch (Architecture)
BEX (Electronics and Communication)
BEL (Electrical Engineering)
BEI (Electronics and Information)
BIE (Industrial Engineering)
BAME (AutoMobile Engineering), etc.

Including these there are several more other aspects in the Engineering Field here in Nepal with some newly introduced courses like Aerospace, etc.

IT (Information Technology)

The IT field has recently started to catch the interest of many students. This field is similar to Computer Engineering from Engineering Sector however there are various branches divided in this stream. Knowledge regarding computer application, Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Networking, etc. all of them fall under this stream. It includes the following Bachelor programs:

BIT (Information Technology)
B.Sc. CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology)

BCA (Computer Application)

B.Sc. Computing (Hons)

BSc. Computer Networking & IT Security (Hons)

BIM (Information Management)


Management & Humanities Field

Pursuing Science in +2 enables students to get into management as well while the reverse is not possible. There is a vast scope of studies into the management career. Students get into various Business sectors, Banking Sector, Law, Hotel Management, Social Work. etc and various other sectors that fall under this field. The list of various bachelors studies into this field are:

BA LLB (Arts and Law)

BBM (Business Management)

BHM (Hotel Management)

BTTM (Travel and Tourism Management)

BBA (Business Administration)

BBS (Business Studies)

BHM (Hospitality Management)

BEc LLB (Economics and Law)

BBM LLB (Business Management and Law)

BBIS (Business Information System)

CA (Chartered Accountant)


These are most of the well known courses that students can pursue in Nepal after +2 Science. Besides these there are many other courses as well that require Science fields like Microbiology, Environment Science, Biotechnology, Food Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, etc.

Since these courses are the base to what your career will be like when entering into the world market so make sure you choose a subject wisely. Good Luck!