Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs


We all make sure to include “Decision making skills” in our CV and/or resume. However, when it comes down to making the decision about one’s own career, almost everyone is indecisive. It is indeed understandable because choosing a career is a daunting task. There are so many career to choose from and many of us narrow these options on the basis of, but is not limited to;

-          How much will it reward me?

-          What benefits other than monetary will I get from this career?

-          Will it be awfully difficult to excel in it?

All of the above factors are crucial, however, the first seems to be the common factor in general when choosing a career. Who doesn’t want to work in a reputed organization that pays you high with non-monetary benefits? To ease your dilemma and give you some perspective regarding different career options, the number of careers are listed below. It is worthwhile to mention that the hierarchy of the careers mentioned below is based on the remuneration.


Highest paying jobs in the world


  1. Neurosurgeons

Average Salary: $381,500

The highest paying career which is worth pursuing is neurosurgeons. They are highly trained medical personnel who specialize in the diagnosis and surgical treatment and care of disorders of the peripheral and central nervous system. The diagnosis also includes infections in the brain, tumours etc. The bachelor’s degree in MBBS is a must and it is estimated that it will take 12 years to become a full-fledged Neurosurgeon. If you think you can excel in this career, go for it.


  1. Anesthesiologist

Average Salary: $265,000

Anesthesiologists are the physicians whose responsibilities is to administer anaesthetics before, during and after the surgery. Other responsibilities may include giving advice on management of pain, dealing with emergency cases etc. If you think this career is suitable for you, after becoming a doctor, you need to further study a four year anesthesiology residency program.


  1. Surgeons

Average salary: $251,000

Surgeons are regarded as the high medical professionals who perform advanced operations and/or procedures on the patients. There are different types of surgeons which are based on their area of specialization like neurological, cardiothoracic etc. Due to their nature of jobs, they have to go through years of education and intensive training to be able to operate on the patients independently.


  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Average Salary: $200,140

The CEO of the company is appointed by the shareholders and Board of directors of the company. The CEO oversees all the day to day managerial operations, manages resources, handles corporate affairs, makes important business decisions etc. They are the most reputed and high position officers in the executive body of the company. The bare minimum qualification to be the CEO is the bachelor’s degree followed by the Master’s degree in the fields like finance, business management, economics and accounting. It is to be noted that the salary of a CEO dramatically varies according to the size of the company.


  1. Airline pilot or Co-pilot

Average Salary: $161,280

If you belong to the people who have the fear of heights, this career might be challenging for you. However, if you love heights or love the idea of flying, you can become a Pilot which pays you well and comes with a lot of benefits. Some degrees to pursue to be able to become a Pilot are Bachelor of Aviation, Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology, Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, Bachelor of Aeronautical Science and Bachelor of Science in Air Traffic Management. The degree is followed by intensive training and physical assessment.


  1. IT Manager

Average Salary: $142,530

Technology shifts quickly and updates are so frequent that the companies need a professional to manage all these processes. IT managers are responsible for overall performance of the IT department of the company and its electronic network. They also protect the companies IT structures from any malware, hacks and keeps it updated. Generally, a bachelor’s degree in computer science and information technology is needed for the majority of managerial positions regarding computer and information systems.

  1. Lawyers

Average Salary: $141,890

Lawyers represent their clients and help people get justice and/or remedy. They are the bridge between the layman and the judicial system of the country. Everyone from innocent party to accused person must hire a lawyer to represent them in the court of law. Their clients range from individuals to big corporations. Some of their responsibilities are to represent their client, draft legal documents and advise clients on different matters and strategies. To become a Lawyer one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in law and pass the bar exam to achieve the license.


  1. Senior Software Engineer

Average Salary: $ 131,206

With many aspects like business, advertisement etc. going digital, the demand of Software Engineers will only increase. Software Engineers are the computer science professionals who use the engineering principle and programming languages for testing and documenting software for client application, building software, run network control systems, etc. To become a software engineer, one must have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, science and/or web development. Due to the high demand of the software engineers and their complex nature of jobs, they are paid well.


  1. Data Scientist

Average Salary: $122,051

Data Scientists are one of the highest paid employees in many organizations. Data Scientists are the professionals who gather massive structured and unstructured data, combine it and analyze it to help organizations make the right decisions and even help predict the future of organizations. They generally have to have the integrated knowledge of various fields like mathematics, business intelligence, statistics and computer science. To work as a Data Scientist, you are free to have a bachelor’s degree in any field, however, you need to do a Master's in “Data science”.


  1. Investment Banker

Average Salary: $115,465

Investment Bankers are financial advisors to banks and financial institutions and are primarily concerned with raising the capital of the corporation. In addition, managing the companies Initial Public Offering, private placement bonds, negotiating as a part of  merger and acquisition proceeding are some responsibilities of the Investment Banker. One needs to have a degree in finance, economics and/or marketing to start off the career as Investment Banker.

We hereby end the list of the high paying jobs which is not limited to the above mentioned jobs. Nevertheless, the more you want to earn the more education, experience and training you need. The job that interest may not be mentioned, however, you must make sure that you choose the career that suits you well.