Should You Join A Startup In 2022?


Should you start the job at a startup or join a well established company? Before joining any company or a startup you should understand the work environment, risk and growth involved. You should be able to recognize the startup/company’s short and long term goal. It is better if you and the startup or company you want to join have a common set of interests.

In the startup you will be involved in various fields along with the job you are assigned to. This way you can explore the work from other fields. It will help to build your career further to be acquired relatively easily than your colleagues. The task you accomplish in startup will have a greater impact on the outcome of the product. Your small contribution will be used and consumed by people from different sectors. The work habit and workload will make you more responsible and enhance your leadership skills. You can get real-time feedback and see the impact of your contributed work. To get a 100% return, you need to give your 150% effort in the startup company. You will have the opportunity to think innovative and out of the box. Learning under pressure will become your habit. If you are working in a related field, you will have job satisfaction. Resulting in quick promotion or increment.

Unlike this, in a big company/corporate, your responsibility is small. You will perform a small task for a big project. You might not be completely exploring your ideas in different fields. Your job is limited to the task assigned to you. Also, you might not be invested in your job for a long time as the pay is limited to a certain amount. 

Summarizing the benefits of joining the startups, we have following points:

  • Learning opportunity

  • High Pay and return

  • Exponential growth of skills, learning curve, wealth

Moving ahead analysis of the company is one of the most important tasks. As you are investing you work and time in the company, you need to analyze the following points before you join the company:

  • Understand the risk and growth of the company

  • Know the field of work

  • Short and long term goal of the company

  • Opportunities to risk ratio

  • Values, goal and growth