One Email, Different Addressses


One Gmail, one address. This is common for us. Because we have mostly been using the same Gmail address. However, we don't know that there are thousands of addresses in the same Gmail account that we use.

From our own same email id we can create different id and use it to login to different sites. There are different ways to create another email from the same email. The first one is 'Plus Addressing'. This means you add a 'plus (+)' sign to your email address.

You can make your email address unique by adding a plus sign to your address. This plus sign must be placed before the @ of your email. For example if your email address is [email protected] then you can create [email protected].

At that time, if you put your email on any other site like Netflix, Faceboook, Canva etc., the system will take this email as a new email address. However, the email sent to that email will be sent to your old email address. This feature works in Gmail or any other email service.

In this way, by adding plus and logging in with a different email according to the site, spam email will not be sent to your main email. If you still receive spam emails, it can be easily understood that such companies are misusing your email. Not only plus, you can also use dot (.).

You can also create a new email address from an old email address by adding a dot to your local address. For example, if you have [email protected], you can create [email protected]. You can use the new email address created in this way on any site. However, emails sent to it will go directly to your main email.

What is the alternative if a site does not accept your email after doing this? For that you can use another option. You can use 'Googlemail'. For example instead of [email protected] you can create [email protected].

Doing so will make Google think you've used a completely new email. However, the email will go to the old address.