Job Opportunities In Nepal


Nepal is a rapidly developing country. From the past decade there have been a lot of developmental activities being carried out. There are certain political instabilities and hindrances in the process but at a wider perspective Nepal’s developmental pace is raging forward. With the growth in such activities, the scale of job opportunities and vacancies have also been increasing a lot.

Nepal has a good number of youth population that it can mobilize. Youths carry the energy to carry out any given task successfully. However, due to lack of proper identification of job opportunities the youths are forced to brain drain. 

So, with the increase in demand for jobs and increase in development opportunities, a way to link the both is very much required. Nepal has a lot of possibilities and opportunities for people willing to work. Along with a greater scope there are plenty of fields with foreign investments and proposals, where young and enthusiastic Nepalese youths can devote their energy. 

So, what kind of jobs in Nepal are the most common?


We have always been familiar with the fact about Nepal being an agricultural country. People living in the city areas have a misconception regarding this field having less revenue. But this is not true. There are people living in the capital or even in the remote areas who are earning in six figures through agriculture, and cattle rearing. 

Computer and Software Engineer

With the advancement in Science and Technology Nepal is in ever need of Engineers and Developers who could aid this field. There are a lot of opportunities in this field of Software and Computer related jobs in Nepal like Software Engineers, Graphic Designer, Web Developers, IT Experts, etc. People with an IT background or Engineering in computer/ electronics can work in this field. Jobs as such provide higher salaries depending on the companies they work for. 

Tourist Guide

Nepal is a geographically diverse country with a lot of beautiful landscapes. Every year a lot of tourists visit our country for trekking, and spending their vacation. So being a tourist guide can be a well paid job in this ever increasing tourist destination country. 

Civil/ Structural Engineer

Another major job in Nepal is for Civil/ Structural Engineers. Since Nepal is a developing country most of the developmental works carried out are in the infrastructural field. This is a great job opportunity in Nepal for civil/ structural engineers. There are projects related to designing and constructions of buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams, etc. A good amount of salary is received in this profession.

Picture: Ashish Puri

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants are also one of the highly reputed jobs in Nepal. Every organization has to audit their transactions every year and handle every financial detail. CA’s are the professionals to carry out this task with a very high knowledge and skill in their management field. There is a high demand and supply of people in this field. A well established CA can generate a very handsome amount of money.

Health and Medical Personnel 

Medical field jobs in Nepal are always in demand of new staff and medical personnel. Due to the increasing number of Hospitals there are always numerous vacancies for Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists, Nurses, Medical Staffs, etc. Health is the most important factor for a country’s development. As with healthy citizens, they create healthy manpower which creates positive and energetic ideas to drive a country towards its goal. The salary for this field ranges from 50k to higher depending upon the post.

Content Creator

Apart from these jobs, Nepal is also home to a lot of content creators. Such people create contents and sell them to generate a good amount of money. People are engaged in site development, YouTube content creating and many other platforms with a good scope of digital income. This has been widely popular among the youth these days. 

Game Streaming

Another emerging job in Nepal is in the platform of game streaming. With easy access to the internet and YouTube, the gaming industry in Nepal has gained a lot of popularity. People play the trending games and stream the gameplay live on YouTube. A lot of audiences are gathered in this stream where ads are promoted and a decent amount of revenue is generated. 


Teaching is another most common job in Nepal. Every year plenty of vacancy forms open up for the teaching profession. One can earn a good amount of money from one of the most noble jobs in the world. Based on the criteria every year many private and governmental schools around the country offer teaching jobs.

Government Jobs

Government Jobs in Nepal are one of the most respected and assured jobs. Every year vacancies are announced for people to apply to government jobs. There are different levels of jobs in Government so one can apply for it based upon their educational qualification whether it being +2 graduate/ Bachelor’s or Master’s degree holders. Lok-Sewa is one of the most competitive exams that Nepalese people apply for in order to get into government jobs. It offers a decent amount of salary along with various other governmental facilities.

Apart from these fields, job opportunities in banking sector, Accountant, Receptionist, Hotelier, Cashier, Support Associate, etc. can be an easy way to generate a decent salary.