How To Register Free Domain In Nepal?


Anyone can register a domain by their name in Nepal. For the registering domain you must be a nepali citizen or the organization should be in nepal. Here, ‘.np’ is the top-level domain and is completely free. ‘’ is provided by Mercantile Communication. 

Having a ‘’ domain is not like having a complete website. You need to have a server hosting facility to host the domain. We will be seeing how to register and host the domain for free. You also can host,,,, etc.

How to register for a free domain name?

Here are the steps that you must follow to register the domain.

  • Create an account on

  • Go to and search a domain name of your choice. Check the domain availability.

  • You can see the domain status. If the domain name is available, the ‘Register now’ button appears on the screen. 

  • Create the  account if you have not already. Now, you need to enter the details such as your name, email, password, etc.

  • You will now see a Domain request form. Fill the form with correct information exactly as in your citizenship. Select the primary and secondary dns as and

  • Submit the citizenship and cover letter. Remember to keep the format of the documents in .jpeg or .jpg. 

Now wait for 48 hours and you will be ready for a web server service.

For hosting the web, use Netlify. Its basic user package is more than enough to host a website.

  • Go to Netlify, sign-up using email or github. Verify the account.

  • Upload your code to Netlify.

  • Add your custom URL/domain name

The primary and secondary server name you use while registering your domain name is Netlify. It will take a day for your site to be active. Until that time you can use ‘’ to view your site. Now, you can easily update and view your website. Share your link with your friends and family.