How to form an effective study group?


Since your exams are ahead and you haven't started studying properly for them yet. What are your plans to cover the entire syllabus in the short time frame remaining? Forming a study group can help you lower the burden a bit. Studies have shown that it is way more effective for one to study in a group than to study alone. 

Study group is usually formed among friends of similar interest studying in the same grade and preparing for the same exams ahead. Here are some tips that you can use in order to form a proper study group with better productivity. 

  1. Group Formation: 

The first and foremost thing for an effective group study is all about the formation of the group itself. A group full of dedicated and hardworking people who are committed towards achieving a good score will always succeed in the end. Students with similar interests and close circles can form an effective group. The number of members in the group study should only limit between 3 to 5. Numbers other than that are less likely to study effectively. 

  1. Be Prepared every time: 

Before you get into any kinds of group discussion, make yourself ready for that particular discussion. If it is regarding any subject matter then make yourself prepared for the necessary knowledge that you will be requiring before you get involved into the discussion. Familiarize yourself with the contents and materials that you should know about. Also if you’re having any kinds of difficulty in any areas then make sure you note them down and present it to your group immediately when in doubt. 

  1. Location of Group Study: 

This is one of the factors that can affect the efficiency of your group study. Plan with the group and select a certain place where everyone feels more comfortable to carry out the teaching and learning task. Make sure that the location doesn't have much noise there, with enough stationary items and a decent study ambience. College Library, Friend’s home, Small Cafe, etc. can be few of the places where students can carry out effective group studies. 

  1. Plan your Group Study content: 

For an effective group study one needs to prepare and plan everything before the starting of the group discussion itself. It could be planned in the presence of everyone as well, so that each of the members will be familiar with the responsibilities that they have been assigned to. With this the group will have further more clear vision regarding their goals and duties. This can improve and enhance group activities and hence increase the efficiency and productivity in the group.

Furthermore, Make sure that each of the group members or at least one or two of them have a small guide book about the whole content. Don't miss out on reading the bullet points given at the start and end of a chapter. Divide the task based on the strength and capability of the students. Likewise you can successfully coordinate and work together in the group to achieve the common goal of getting good grades. 

Wish you all the very Best!