Helpful Tips For Students During Exam


Students and exams are parallel to each other. We can say they are incomplete without each other. During the school and college life exams are scheduled every 3 or 4 months. Exams primarily check the skill, knowledge and competency of the student. 

You should have a checklist that you need during the exam. Here are some important tips for exam that you must need:

  • Admit Card

  • Pencil/Pen

  • Long Ruler (30cm)

  • Calculator

  • Watch

How to prepare for an exam?

As soon as the exam routine is out, you need to schedule your study time accordingly. Give more time for the subjects that you feel are difficult but remember to keep the balance between the easy and difficult subjects.

Be hygienic, have healthy foods and drink plenty of water. Fruits and almonds are the best food that you come across.

If you have missed any of the important lessons, consult with friends and teachers. Learn it right away, don’t bulk it up for later. It will be difficult for you to prepare further.

Learn till the last minute. But don’t try to memorize new things, revise the topics that you have already learned but not feeling quite confident. Reference the question bank to know what might be asked in the exam. Try writing the answers by yourself of the revised topics. Check if you have missed any important points.

A good sleep is important. Get at least 6 hours to maximum 8 hours sleep. Reach the exam hall on time. Do not stress and overthink about the exam. Discuss a few questions with friends that you are having confusion about.

How to write in an exam?

Be fresh and enter the exam hall. Keep the things that you need for the exam on your desk and put the rest of the things in your bag. 

After getting the answer sheet, fill in the information like symbol number, subject name, etc. Read the rules that are written on the first page of the sheet. Follow the instructions and rules. 

Start writing the answer after the question has been provided to you. Start from the easy question that you have practiced several times and can clearly remember. Before starting to write any answer, think for a few minutes, frame your answer and start writing. 

After completing all the answers, if the time is left, check briefly the answers and correct if any mistake is found. Before submitting your answer sheet check if any of the questions is missed.

Best of luck for your next exam.