Do I need to PAY to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 live in Nepal?


The event that binds every nation, football tournament that comes every four years, FIFA World Cup is soon to start. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is starting from Sunday, 4th Mangshir. The estimation shows that more than half of the world’s population will be seeing this world cup live. World Cup fever is also seen on the streets of Nepal. The streets, roads and shops are filled with jerseys and flags of different countries.

Seeing the weather getting colored with World Cup colors, how can you watch the tournament live in Nepal? Which TV channels will show FIFA live? And, how much should you pay to see it?

Which Channel Broadcast the Tournament?

Himalayan Premium HD, a new channel has been launched specifically to show the FIFA World Cup tournament. Media Hub has made an agreement with cable operators like NetTV, ViaTV, Dish Home and ClearTV to broadcast the tournament live. Media Hub has got the rights from Indian company Viacom18. The rights include the broadcast through TV, Radio, Mobile, Internet.


Should I pay to watch the FIFA World Cup?

FIFA has sold the separate rights to each country for broadcasting the tournament live in their country only. FIFA has collected around USD 3 billion from 223 countries by selling the broadcasting rights. FIFA has sold the rights to each country with a geo-lock system. So, watching through any other source is not possible. Hence, you need to pay the cable operators to watch the tournament live.