About Geyser: Electric or Gas


Winter has started. In this weather, you may find it difficult to bathe in cold water, wash clothes and do other things. In such a situation, if you are planning to add hot water to your home, this article can be useful.

Today we are discussing geysers which are used for hot water. As soon as you think of geyser, the image of electric and gas geyser may come to your mind. Which of these geysers will be useful? There are different brands of geysers available in the market now. Of these, gas or electricity, what geyser to buy?

First of all, let's understand the value and characteristics of both of them. Gas geysers are now available in the Nepalese market from a minimum of 5,000 to a maximum of 13,000 rupees.

Similarly, electric geysers are generally priced from 2500 to a maximum of 25000 rupees. Before buying a geyser, don't forget to check how affordable it is.

Now, due to the increase in the price of gas products, many people have started showing interest in electric geyser for long-term use.

The normal lifespan of an electric geyser is 5 to 7 years, while a gas geyser may break down from time to time. Gas geysers are very useful for saving water and time. Because in gas geyser, water can be heated instantly as per requirement.

But it usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to heat water in an electric geyser. The water collected in it remains hot for six hours at most. It is said that it will heat the water and use it in a while. This facility is not available in gas geyser.

Another thing, when buying a product, attention is also paid to its design. Both types of geysers have different designs according to size. There is no such thing as right or wrong.

Even though the gas geyser is small, there is a problem of how and where to arrange the gas cylinder.

On the other hand, the size of electric geyser is comparatively bigger. But you don't have to think about how to manage space for things other than geysers.

The seller gives a guarantee time for how long such equipment can work properly. If it breaks before the warranty period, you don't have to bear the hassle. But if it breaks later, the time taken for maintenance may inconvenience you.

In this case, gas geyser repair time is less expensive than electric geyser both in terms of time and money. The parts of electric geyser are quite expensive. It may take an average of one/two days to make it.

A type of battery is used in gas geysers, which can cause problems. However, it can be changed. Similarly, since water can be stored in an electric geyser, there may be a problem of rust in it.

On the other hand, in a gas geyser, the cylinder also has to be close to or within reach of the geyser, so there may be some confusion. Similarly, if we remember the incident of fire caused by gas cylinder, it does not seem very safe.

In the case of electric geysers, electric shocks or electric shocks can also occur. But if you take precautions, you can avoid or reduce the risk.

Another important thing is that electric geysers do not emit any pollution. But gas geysers create carbon monoxide gas, which can be fatal by suffocation if used for long periods in unventilated or closed bathrooms.

In this way, both types of geysers have merits and demerits. But experts have advised that electric geyser is suitable in terms of safety, long-term use, management, etc.