8 AI Tools, You are Losing If You are Not Using These


While I was surfing the internet and searching for some new AI tools that I can use to increase the blog quality and overall frame of the writing and learning. Here are some of the most useful tools that can be used on a daily basis.

AI tools that you must use:

1. LEX

Lex is a useful futuristic wiring tool. Anytime you don’t know how to continue your writing, just type +++ and Lex will do the rest of the work for you. This will also help you to create titles and text for you instantly.

2. Runway

Runway is the content creation tool. This magical AI tool does the work like change the text description, remove the object in videos, expand images with description.

3. DiffusionBee

This is a free macOS app for Sable Diffusion. This is a text to image generator tool. Type any text as the command, the app will generate the image by itself.

4. Lexica

Lexia is also a text-to-image solution tool. Give Lexica a prompt and it will generate a image according to the prompt.

5. Metaphor

Metaphor is a new search engine based on generative AI. This will give a link to you phrase and direct you to the related link of the image.

6. Soundraw

Need some unique music for your youtube videos and vlogs. Soundraw is the tool to go. Soundraw creates music for creators. Select from the list from genre, instruments, mood and length. The AI tool will create music suitable from the data you feed into it.

7. Clipdrop

This AI tool will relight your photo. If your photo does not have proper light as per your desire, you can adjust with just a click from the AI tools.

8. Talk to books

This will give quotes from more than 1,00,000 books that will respond to your queries. This is a creative tool generated by Google to explore new ideas and give relevant situations to the people.