5 Must Have Apps For Every Nepali


Bunch of apps are dumped every day in the play store. Pointing out a useful and productive app is a heft of work. Searching for hours and sorting and going through various app interfaces and  user experience was a tedious task to perform. To sort out the headache for you, we have chosen 5 apps that every Nepali must have in their phone.

5 Must Have Apps For Every Nepali


English dictionary offline

Link to window

Nepal Police

Local level (स्थानीय तहको एप)


Out of the useful apps for Nepali, hamropatro is an all round performer. Except for looking at a date and making notes on the app, it provides other different contents.

Be it the reality shows like The Voice or the Sanjay Silwal Podcast all are packed in this app. Apart from this, news, interviews about finance, politics and education can be found in the Hamropatro app.

If you are a food lover and like to learn new recipes, then this platform also provides the recipe to different traditional and continental foods.

This app also includes daily updates like Nepse, forex and weather updates. Summarizing about the app, this app is really a must have app for every Nepali smartphone user.

English dictionary offline:

English Dictionary is an app that helps you learn new words daily. You can search for the word instantly on the go. Since the app is offline, using this app does not require any internet connection. This makes online distraction such as ads and other non-productive work away while learning new word meaning.

Also, you can see random words and also the app selects a word of the day that you can learn on a daily basis. So, this app is a must for the Nepali who is trying to learn more English and have a strong control over the spoken and written english.

Link to window:

Link to window is a must have app for Nepali, specially for those who work on pc or laptop. This app links your android phone to the windows pc.

You can easily make and receive a call, make a text message and also drag and drop the files to your pc. This makes working simple and easy without being distracted by your phone and other internet hazards.

Nepal Police:

Nepal Police app is very useful and a top recommendation to have in your phone. This is one of the must apps for every Nepali. This app provides all the emergency work such as reporting a complaint such as theft, person missing, reporting accidents and incidents like flood, landslides, etc.

Despite this facility, this app also provides emergency contact numbers to ambulance, blood bank, fire brigade and police stations of almost every station.

Most interesting feature about this app is, you can apply for the clearance report from the app.

Due to all these features packed in the app this is the must have app for every Nepali.

Local level (स्थानीय तहको एप):

Among all the apps this is the underrated app. Despite having all the information about the local government of Nepal, the app has only 50,000 downloads. 

The app provides various features such as financial reports of every local level government, register a complaint and suggestions to individual municipalities and even wards.

Getting  the details of the local level such as area, population and contact number of the local level is also featured in the app.

Also the app provides the emergency number in the local level around your municipalities.

All in all if you want to know the updates about the working progress in your local government this app is a must for Nepali in their smartphones.